Afraid of being hacked?

LogU makes your system invulnerable to login attacks then you only have to worry about what is important to you

OpenID Connect OAuth2
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Your personal data is yours

Your data is encripted by your smartphone to keep your data safe and only for you

LogU opens the world

There is no limits to LogU. You can access everything just using your smartphone.

Passwords, never mind

Using LogU your application will be free of passwords forever



No one can see your personal data. All data is encrypted by an exclusive key that remains only in your smartphone.

Identify yourself

You will use LogU to easily identify yourself anywhere in the safest way possible.


You are a developer and like to make great applications. Don't worry about login and focus in your business.


Using LogU you can manage your team access, control time and where each one is allowed to use your system.


We are using OpenID Connect and OAuth2 to ensure the compatibilty and security of your communication.

Easier life

You can use devices, like smartwatch, to authorize any access.